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Game-Planets is an online platform dedicated to games. Here you can download the game, cheats, take part in the tournament and find out the latest news and the world of games for free and without ads.

Now the site has 8 pages: News, Games, Forum, Tournaments.


Daily up-to-date news about how the gaming industry lives. Read and leave comments.


Large database of favorite games on Game-Planets.

Each game page has information about the developer, story, and system requirements.


Page with books on game themes.


Free space for communication with like-minded people. Share your experience or life hacks of passing games.

Game-Planets was created by a team that loves games. We have carefully chosen colors and designed an intuitive interface so that farmers, teachers, bartenders and 80-year-old grandparents can easily use the site.

If you have any questions, even the simplest ones, our managers will help you solve them with lightning speed. High quality of services and polite treatment to all users of the site are the main values of Game-Planets!