An insider announced the imminent release of a new trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6

An insider announced the imminent release of a new trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6

At the end of last year, developers from the Rockstar Games studio made the most pleasant gift for fans of the Grand Theft Auto series. The team published the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, which launched a new trend on social networks and surprised players with an incredible number of references and visual style. The first video for the game is still actively discussed by players, and it seems that the authors of the project are not going to lose the hype. Another trailer for GTA 6 may soon be presented, says one of the authoritative insiders.

Fresh information about the plans of Rockstar Games was shared by the author of the leaks under the nickname geronimo_73_. He was one of the first to predict the return of cult horror titles Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid 3, and also has inside sources at PlayStation. According to an insider, the team is already working on the second trailer. The new GTA 6 video is planned to be shown in May of this year or in the first weeks of June. Moreover, this will most likely be just a teaser or some kind of hint from the Rockstar team. They want to hold a full demonstration of the second trailer only in the fall.

As geronimo_73_ notes, the current build of GTA 6 is still at an early stage. Because of this, the release of future videos can be postponed at any time or use staged footage for them. The actual demonstration of gameplay footage of the expected project will take place no earlier than the second half of 2025, says the insider.

Author: Katrina Khshanovich

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