Apparently, the development of the new Fable is in its final stages

Apparently, the development of the new Fable is in its final stages

As it turned out from a post on Linkedin, several high-ranking members of the Fable development team have recently left Playground Games. Among them is Martin Lancaster, who served as director of narrative.

The project recently lost its head of narrative, Anna Megill. Anna worked directly under Martin Lancaster, but neither developer is anymore involved in the project. Screenwriter Amber Holders and art director Nyuk Phung Sai are also moving on. The changes even affected the Forza Horizon team, but this likely means that most of the work on Fable is close to completion.

The role-playing game is rumored to already be in a playable state, and one of the famous insiders reported launch of the project in 2025. It seems that these changes are not associated with a "red flag", but only indicate the final stage of work on the project.

Fable has been in development for many years. There are over 300 developers on the Playground Games team, so it's natural to expect that new ones will join the team as some developers leave. Typically, key people leave projects when their work is already done.

And with development supposedly in its final stages, we can expect another look at the RPG during Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase in June. . Maybe at the same event the gaming giant will even name the approximate release dates.

Author: Katrina Khshanovich

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