Hackers claim they hacked Epic Games and stole user data along with passwords

Hackers claim they hacked Epic Games and stole user data along with passwords

Internet scammers and other attackers are still not lagging behind ordinary players and developers. The gaming industry has yet to recover from the massive hack of Insomniac Games late last year, which resulted in terabytes of data leaking online, including unplayable builds of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for PC, as well as an alpha version of Marvel's Spider-Man 2. s Wolverine. Now Epic Games is facing hackers. Apparently, the leak was smaller in volume, but still very painful.

A hacker group calling itself Mogilevich announced that it had completed a successful attack on Epic Games servers tonight. According to the attackers' statements, their raid was successful. As a result of the hack, they obtained 189 GB of valuable internal company information. The source codes of the servers, Epic Games projects, and user payment information, including emails and passwords, could be at risk.

It is impossible to verify how true the hackers’ statements are. The Mogilevich group did not provide any evidence of its hacking, stating only that it put up for sale all the information it received. Epic Games has not yet commented on the leak, but it is already obvious that they will not agree to the demands of hackers.

New attacks by hackers on developers clearly expose them as not very far-sighted people, network security analysts said. A number of users on social networks agreed with this statement. History shows that so far not a single gaming company has paid hackers, and even after publishing the results of their hacking, they never received any tangible benefits from it.

Author: Katrina Khshanovich

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