Players call former Blizzard executive a clown for his proposal to introduce tipping for game developers

Players call former Blizzard executive a clown for his proposal to introduce tipping for game developers

Recently, Mike Ibarra, a former Blizzard executive, made a statement that he would like to be able to leave a tip of $10-20 to the developers, provided that he was satisfied with the game and the game creators did not try to extract money from him at every stage of the passage .

The users, as he himself expected, clearly did not appreciate his idea. Many players do not understand why, in principle, game developers and publishers should have the opportunity to earn additional income for selling their goods, while the vast majority of other entertainment areas do not offer such an opportunity.

In addition, according to users, such Initially voluntary tips will eventually accustom publishers and developers to the fact that it would be nice to receive from one copy of the game per person not the current $70, but $80-90, which will ultimately lead to another increase in prices for games thanks to such “harmless” tips. proposals.

There were also those who took Ibarra’s words more radically: in their opinion, he is simply fulfilling a paid narrative from large publishers on social networks about the next price increase under the guise of a good goal, for which he was dubbed a clown and a hypocrite .

Of course, there were those who supported this idea, but almost all of them claim that they would leave a tip for just a few games, among which the most often mentioned are: Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Baldur's Gate 3.

However, the absolute majority of players have clearly shown their extremely negative attitude towards such initiatives.

Author: Katrina Khshanovich

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