RimWorld will be released on consoles on July 29

RimWorld will be released on consoles on July 29

RimWorld is a simulator of life on a space colony, which for many years existed only on PC. But now it has come to conquer consoles - the original computer game will go to new platforms in a month.

The port is handled by the second studio - Double Eleven. According to her, the RimWorld Console Edition will lag behind the PC in terms of updates and additions. The console version required significant changes in the interface, so cover the most relevant edits from the original in a reasonable time frame.

As a result, an earlier version of RimWorld will be launched on consoles, and so far only one gameplay DLC will appear out of two - Royalty. It will be sold separately. Console mods don't seem to be making it, but Double Eleven is looking at some customization options. It is planned to catch up with the PC version with patches after the release of the Console Edition, when feedback on the current version of the port will begin to appear.

RimWorld Console Ediiton releases on July 29th for PS4 and Xboxe One. There is backward compatibility with PS5 and Xbox Series, but there will be no enhanced "native" versions. Owners of the Digital Deluxe edition will receive DLC Royalty and will be able to three days earlier - from July 26.

Author: Катерина Хшанович

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