Silent Joel Kinnaman goes berserk in first trailer for action movie Silent Fury John Woo

Silent Joel Kinnaman goes berserk in first trailer for action movie Silent Fury John Woo

The first trailer for John Woo's Christmas action movie "Silent Night" has appeared (Silent Night), in which the taciturn Joel Kinnaman goes on a rampage.

The trailer is a first look at Woo's first Hollywood film in 20 years, which features virtually no dialogue. Woo, the action icon, told EW that the challenge he faced was: "How do you get audiences to accept a story without dialogue and get them to connect with it?" As seen in the trailer, Kinnaman's character gets shot in the throat , as a result of which he becomes speechless. After the death of his young son, he begins to take revenge, and if this sounds a little like John Wick, then it shouldn't be surprising. Basil Iwanyk, who oversaw the entire John Wick series, as a producer, he also produced Silent Night.

In an interview with Vulture in July, Woo said that the lack of dialogue in Silent Night was disappointing. allowed him to "use visual imagery to tell a story, to convey the feelings of a character."

"Silent Night" will be released on December 1.

Author: Katrina Khshanovich

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