Sven Vincke plans to appear at The Game Awards in armor

Sven Vincke plans to appear at The Game Awards in armor

Larian Studios founder and CEO Swen Vincke intends to appear at The Game Awards in his favorite style. According to many users, Baldur's Gate 3 will eventually be voted game of the year 2023, and there is a real chance that Vincke will take the stage in his favorite armor to accept this award.

However, it will come Whether this is a glorious moment is still unknown - evil forces are trying to intervene in the matter. Vincke started talking about the prospect a few days ago, spurred on by fanatical BG3 fans. The idea seemed fun and cool, and players would love it, but getting the damn thing from (presumably) Belgium to Los Angeles would be an adventure in itself.

He later agreed to wear the costume on the condition that lead writer Adam Smith dress up bear Publishing director Michael Dawes immediately sprang into action, posting ads on Twitter for bear costumes for sale and even offering to do Smith's makeup himself.

But then tragedy struck. Dawes announced that a certain Nick (presumably Wiencke's squire) in charge of transporting the armor had experienced problems during transportation, casting doubt on the possibility of the harness arriving in Los Angeles in time for the start of the show. The publishing director called on fans to pray that the armor would arrive on time, but later wrote that Nick had been allocated another plane.

Author: Katrina Khshanovich

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